Photoelectric switch

- Mar 27, 2017-

(1) the photoelectric switch can be used for various applications, avoid strong light sources, photoelectric switches in the environment when the illuminance is higher, generally steady work. But evading the sensor axis to sunlight, incandescent lamps and other strong light sources. Can't change the sensor (optical) when strong axis and the angle of the light source, can be installed above the sensor around mask or shading on the set of a long tube.

(2) to prevent mutual interference, MGK series new photoelectric switch usually has the function of automatic prevention of mutual interference, so you don't have to worry about each other. However, HGK series to shoot infrared photoelectric switch in a few groups side by side near the installation, adjacent groups, and should be prevented from interfering with each other. Most effective way to prevent this interference is a light projector light and cross set up more than 2 groups from the open Group. Of course, the machine is also a good way to use different frequencies.